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void ByteStream::write8 ( unsigned int  card8  )  [inherited]

Writes a one-byte integer to a ByteStream.

Definition at line 555 of file ByteStream.cpp.

References ByteStream::write().

Referenced by DjVuTXT::encode(), DjVuInfo::encode(), DjVmDir0::encode(), and DjVmDir::encode().

  unsigned char c[1];
  c[0] = (card) & 0xff;
  if (write((void*)c, sizeof(c)) != sizeof(c))
#ifndef UNDER_CE
        G_THROW(strerror(errno));                     //  (No error in the DjVuMessageFile)
        G_THROW( ERR_MSG("ByteStream.write") "\t8");               //  write8, write error.

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