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void DjVuDocEditor::save_pages_as ( const GP< ByteStream > &  str,
const GList< int > &  page_list 

Saves the specified pages in DjVu BUNDLED# multipage document.

Definition at line 1766 of file DjVuDocEditor.cpp.

References DjVmDoc::create(), DjVuDocument::get_djvu_file(), and DjVmDir::page_to_file().

   GList<int> page_list=sortList(_page_list);

   GP<DjVmDoc> djvm_doc=DjVmDoc::create();
   GMap<GURL, void *> map;
   for(GPosition pos=page_list;pos;++pos)
      GP<DjVmDir::File> frec=djvm_dir->page_to_file(page_list[pos]);
      if (frec)
         GP<DjVuFile> djvu_file=get_djvu_file(frec->get_load_name());
         if (djvu_file)
            store_file(djvm_dir, djvm_doc, djvu_file, map);

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