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void DjVuDocEditor::generate_thumbnails ( int  thumb_size,
bool(*)(int page_num, void *)  cb = 0,
void *  cl_data = 0 

Generates thumbnails for those pages, which do not have them yet. If you want to regenerate thumbnails for all pages, call {remove_thumbnails}() prior to calling this function.

thumb_size The size of the thumbnails in pixels. DjVu viewer is able to rescale the thumbnail images if necessary, so this parameter affects thumbnails quality only. 128 is a good number.
cb The callback, which will be called after thumbnail image for the next page has been generated. Regardless of if the document already has thumbnail images for some of its pages, the callback will be called pages_num# times, where pages_num# is the total number of pages in the document. The callback should return FALSE# if thumbnails generating should proceed. TRUE# will stop it.

Definition at line 1728 of file DjVuDocEditor.cpp.

References generate_thumbnails().

   int page_num=0;
     if (cb) if (cb(page_num, cl_data)) return;
   } while(page_num>=0);

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