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GP< DjVmDir > DjVuDocument::get_djvm_dir ( void   )  const [inline]

Returns pointer to the internal directory of the document, if it is in one of the new formats: BUNDLED# or INDIRECT#. Otherwise (if the format of the input document is obsolete), ZERO# is returned.

ZERO# will also be returned if the initializing thread has not learnt enough information about the document (DOC_DIR_KNOWN# has not been set yet). Check {is_init_complete}() and {init}() for details.

Definition at line 1009 of file DjVuDocument.h.

Referenced by DjVuDocEditor::insert_group(), DjVuDocEditor::insert_page(), DjVuDocEditor::remove_page(), and DjVuDocEditor::remove_pages().

   if (doc_type==SINGLE_PAGE)
      G_THROW( ERR_MSG("DjVuDocument.no_dir") );
   if (doc_type!=BUNDLED && doc_type!=INDIRECT)
      G_THROW( ERR_MSG("DjVuDocument.obsolete") );
   return djvm_dir;

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