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void DjVuDocument::stop_init ( void   ) 

Call this function when you don't need the DjVuDocument# any more. In a multi-threaded environment it will stop initialization thread, if it is currently running. { You will not be able to start the initialization again. Thus, after calling this function the document should not be used any more}.

Definition at line 245 of file DjVuDocument.cpp.

References GMonitor::wait().

   DEBUG_MSG("DjVuDocument::stop_init(): making sure that the init thread dies.\n");

   GMonitorLock lock(&init_thread_flags);
   while((init_thread_flags & STARTED) &&
       !(init_thread_flags & FINISHED))
      if (init_data_pool) init_data_pool->stop(true); // blocking operation

      if (ndir_file) ndir_file->stop(false);

       GCriticalSectionLock lock(&ufiles_lock);
       for(GPosition pos=ufiles_list;pos;++pos)
          ufiles_list[pos]->file->stop(false);  // Disable any access to data


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