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bool DjVuDocument::is_init_complete ( void   )  const [inline]

Returns TRUE# if the initialization thread finished (does not matter successfully or not). As soon as it happens, the document becomes completely initialized and its every function should work properly. Please refer to the description of {init}() function and of the DjVuDocument# class to learn about the initializing stages.

To wait for the initialization to complete use {wait_for_complete_init}() function.

To query the initialization stage use {get_flags}() function.

To learn whether initialization was successful or not, use {is_init_ok}() and {is_init_failed}().

{ Note:} In a single threaded application the initialization completes before the {init}() function returns.

Definition at line 927 of file DjVuDocument.h.

Referenced by get_djvm_doc(), get_djvu_file(), get_id_list(), and get_thumbnail().

   return (flags & (DOC_INIT_OK | DOC_INIT_FAILED))!=0;

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