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bool DjVuFile::contains_anno ( void   ) 

Returns TRUE# if the file contains annotation chunks. Known annotation chunks at the time of writing this help are: { ANTa}, { ANTz}, { FORM:ANNO}.

Definition at line 2132 of file DjVuFile.cpp.

References IFFByteStream::close_chunk(), ByteStream::create(), ByteStream::EndOfFile, and IFFByteStream::get_chunk().

  const GP<ByteStream> str(data_pool->get_stream());
  GUTF8String chkid;
  const GP<IFFByteStream> giff(IFFByteStream::create(str));
  IFFByteStream &iff=*giff;
  if (!iff.get_chunk(chkid))
    G_THROW( ByteStream::EndOfFile );
    if (is_annotation(chkid))
      return true;
  return false;

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