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GP< ByteStream > DjVuFile::get_merged_anno ( const GList< GURL > &  ignore_list,
int *  max_level_ptr 

Goes down the hierarchy of DjVuFile::s and merges their annotations. (shouldn't this one be private?).

max_level_ptr If this pointer is not ZERO, the function will use it to store the maximum level at which annotations were found. Top-level page files have ZERO level#.
ignore_list The function will not process included DjVuFile::s with URLs matching those mentioned in this ignore_list#.

Definition at line 1648 of file DjVuFile.cpp.

References ByteStream::create(), get_merged_anno(), ByteStream::seek(), and ByteStream::tell().

  GP<ByteStream> gstr(ByteStream::create());
  GMap<GURL, void *> map;
  int max_level=0;
  get_merged_anno(this, gstr, ignore_list, 0, max_level, map);
  if (max_level_ptr)
  ByteStream &str=*gstr;
  if (!str.tell()) 
  return gstr;

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