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DjVuToPS Class Reference

#include <DjVuToPS.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

DjVuImage to PostScript converter. Use this class to print {DjVuImage}s and {DjVuDocument}s. The behavior is customizable. See {DjVuToPS::Options} for the description of available options.

Definition at line 95 of file DjVuToPS.h.

Public Types

enum  Stage { DECODING, PRINTING }

Public Member Functions

 DjVuToPS (void)
void print (ByteStream &, GP< DjVuDocument > doc)
void print (ByteStream &, GP< DjVuDocument > doc, GUTF8String page_range)
void print (ByteStream &, GP< DjVuImage > dimg, const GRect &prn_rect, const GRect &img_rect, int override_dpi=-1)

void set_dec_progress_cb (void(*cb)(double, void *), void *data)
void set_info_cb (void(*cb)(int, int, int, Stage, void *), void *data)
void set_prn_progress_cb (void(*cb)(double, void *), void *data)
void set_refresh_cb (void(*refresh_cb)(void *), void *refresh_cl_data)

Public Attributes

Options options

Protected Member Functions

GP< DjVuImagedecode_page (GP< DjVuDocument >, int, int, int)
void make_gamma_ramp (GP< DjVuImage >)
void parse_range (GP< DjVuDocument >, GUTF8String, GList< int > &)
void print_bg (ByteStream &, GP< DjVuImage >, const GRect &)
void print_fg (ByteStream &, GP< DjVuImage >, const GRect &)
void print_fg_2layer (ByteStream &, GP< DjVuImage >, const GRect &, unsigned char *)
void print_fg_3layer (ByteStream &, GP< DjVuImage >, const GRect &, unsigned char *)
void print_image (ByteStream &, GP< DjVuImage >, const GRect &, GP< DjVuTXT >)
void print_image_lev1 (ByteStream &, GP< DjVuImage >, const GRect &)
void print_image_lev2 (ByteStream &, GP< DjVuImage >, const GRect &)
void process_double_page (ByteStream &, GP< DjVuDocument >, void *, int, int)
void process_single_page (ByteStream &, GP< DjVuDocument >, int, int, int, int)
void store_doc_prolog (ByteStream &, int, int, GRect *)
void store_doc_setup (ByteStream &)
void store_doc_trailer (ByteStream &)
void store_page_setup (ByteStream &, int, const GRect &, int align=0)
void store_page_trailer (ByteStream &)

Private Attributes

void(* dec_progress_cb )(double, void *)
void * dec_progress_cl_data
void(* info_cb )(int, int, int, Stage, void *)
void * info_cl_data
GP< DecodePort > port
void(* prn_progress_cb )(double, void *)
void * prn_progress_cl_data
unsigned char ramp [256]
void(* refresh_cb )(void *)
void * refresh_cl_data


class  DecodePort
class  Options

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