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GIFFChunk Class Reference

#include <GIFFManager.h>

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Detailed Description

GIFFChunk# is the base class for other IFF chunks understood by { GIFFManager}. It provides some basic interface, and is not supposed to be used on its own.

Definition at line 103 of file GIFFManager.h.


Files #"GIFFManager.h"# and #"GIFFManager.cpp"# define more convenient interface to IFF files. You may want to use the { GIFFManager} class instead of coping with { IFFByteStream} especially when you have to insert or move chunks, which is a kind of tricky with sequential access provided by { IFFByteStream}.

You will mostly deal with { GIFFManager} class, but sometimes you may want to use { GIFFChunk}s as well thus bypassing { GIFFManager}'s interface and working with the chunks hierarchy yourself.

Interface to IFF files.

Andrei Erofeev <eaf@geocities.com> -- Initial implementation.
GIFFManager.h,v 1.8 2003/11/07 22:08:21 leonb Exp

 GIFFChunk (const GUTF8String &name, const TArray< char > &data)
 GIFFChunk (const GUTF8String &name)
 GIFFChunk (void)
TArray< char > get_data (void) const
GUTF8String get_full_name (void) const
 Returns full chunk name, with possible container specification.
GUTF8String get_name (void) const
 Returns the name of the chunk (without possible FORM:# or similar prefixes).
GUTF8String get_type (void) const
 Returns the chunk type, like CAT# for chunk CAT:DJVU#.
bool is_container (void) const
 Returns TRUE if the chunk may contain other chunks or FALSE otherwise.

Public Member Functions

void add_chunk (const GP< GIFFChunk > &chunk, int order=-1)
bool check_name (GUTF8String name)
void del_chunk (const GUTF8String &name)
GP< GIFFChunkget_chunk (const GUTF8String &name, int *position=0)
int get_chunks_number (void)
int get_chunks_number (const GUTF8String &name)
int get_count (void) const
void save (IFFByteStream &istr, bool use_trick=0)
void set_name (GUTF8String name)
virtual ~GIFFChunk (void)

Static Public Member Functions

static GP< GIFFChunkcreate (const GUTF8String &name, const TArray< char > &data)
static GP< GIFFChunkcreate (const GUTF8String &name)
static GP< GIFFChunkcreate (void)
 Default creator.

Protected Attributes

volatile int count
 The reference counter.

Static Private Member Functions

static GUTF8String decode_name (const GUTF8String &name, int &number)

Private Attributes

GPList< GIFFChunkchunks
TArray< char > data
char name [5]
GUTF8String type

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