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MMRDecoder Class Reference

#include <MMRDecoder.h>

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Detailed Description

Class for G4/MMR decoding. The simplest way to use this class is the static member function {MMRDecoder::decode}. This function internally creates an instance of MMRDecoder# which processes the MMR data scanline by scanline.

Definition at line 151 of file MMRDecoder.h.

Public Member Functions

int get_count (void) const
const unsigned char * scanrle (const bool invert, const unsigned char **endptr=0)
const unsigned short * scanruns (const unsigned short **endptr=0)
 ~MMRDecoder ()
 Non-virtual destructor.

Static Public Member Functions

static GP< MMRDecodercreate (GP< ByteStream > gbs, const int width, const int height, const bool striped=false)
static GP< JB2Imagedecode (GP< ByteStream > gbs)
static bool decode_header (ByteStream &inp, int &width, int &height, int &invert)
 Only decode the header.

Protected Member Functions

void init (GP< ByteStream > gbs, const bool striped=false)
 MMRDecoder (const int width, const int height)

Protected Attributes

volatile int count
 The reference counter.

Private Attributes

GP< VLTable > btable
GPBuffer< unsigned char > gline
GPBuffer< unsigned short > glineruns
GPBuffer< unsigned short > gprevruns
int height
unsigned char * line
int lineno
unsigned short * lineruns
GP< VLTable > mrtable
unsigned short * prevruns
int rowsperstrip
GP< VLSource > src
int striplineno
int width
GP< VLTable > wtable


class VLSource
class VLTable


class  VLSource
class  VLTable

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