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void GBitmap::donate_rle ( unsigned char *  rledata,
unsigned int  rledatalen,
int  w,
int  h 

Initializes this GBitmap by setting the size to h# rows and w# columns, and directly addressing the memory buffer rledata# provided by the user. This buffer contains rledatalen# bytes representing the bitmap in run length encoded form. The GBitmap object then ``owns'' the buffer (unlike borrow_data#, but like donate_data#) and will deallocate this buffer when appropriate: you should not deallocate this buffer yourself. The encoding of buffer rledata# is similar to the data segment of the RLE file format (without the header) documented in {PNM and RLE file formats}.

Definition at line 357 of file GBitmap.cpp.

  grays = 2;
  nrows = h;
  ncolumns = w;
  border = 0;
  bytes_per_row = w;
//  rle = rledata;
  rlelength = rledatalen;

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