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GP< DataPool > DataPool::create ( void   )  [static]

Default creator. Will prepare DataPool# for accepting data added through functions {add_data}(). Use {connect}() functions if you want to map this DataPool# to another or to a file.

Definition at line 744 of file DataPool.cpp.

References add_trigger(), and init().

Referenced by DjVuDocument::create(), DjVuDocEditor::create_shared_anno_file(), DjVuImage::decode(), DjVuDocEditor::generate_thumbnails(), DjVuFile::get_djvu_data(), DjVuDocument::get_thumbnail(), DjVuFile::init(), DjVuDocEditor::init(), DjVuFile::insert_file(), DjVmDoc::insert_file(), DjVuDocEditor::insert_group(), DjVmDoc::read(), DjVuFile::remove_anno(), DjVuFile::remove_meta(), DjVuFile::remove_text(), DjVuSimplePort::request_data(), DjVuErrorList::request_data(), DjVuDocument::request_data(), DjVuDocEditor::save_as(), DjVuErrorList::set_stream(), DjVuFile::start_decode(), DjVuFile::unlink_file(), and DjVmDoc::write().

  DataPool *pool=new DataPool();

  GP<DataPool> retval=pool;

      // If we maintain the data ourselves, we want to interpret its
      // IFF structure to predict its length
  pool->add_trigger(0, 32, static_trigger_cb, pool);
  return retval;

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