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GUTF8String DjVmDoc::save_file ( const GURL codebase,
const DjVmDir::File &  file,
GMap< GUTF8String, GUTF8String > &  incl,
const GP< DataPool > &  pool 
) const

Writes the specified file from the given pool#.

Definition at line 592 of file DjVmDoc.cpp.

References ByteStream::create(), DataPool::load_file(), and save_file().

  const GUTF8String save_name(file.get_save_name());
  const GURL::UTF8 new_url(save_name,codebase);
  DEBUG_MSG("storing file '"<<new_url<<"'\n");
  const GP<ByteStream> str_in(pool->get_stream());
  const GP<ByteStream> str_out(ByteStream::create(new_url, "wb"));
  ::save_file( *IFFByteStream::create(str_in),
      *IFFByteStream::create(str_out), *dir, incl);
  return save_name;

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