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long DjVuFile::get_flags ( void   )  const [inline]

Returns the DjVuFile# flags. The value returned is the result of ORing one or more of the following constants: {itemize} DECODING# The decoding is in progress DECODE_OK# The decoding has finished successfully DECODE_FAILED# The decoding has failed DECODE_STOPPED# The decoding has been stopped by {stop_decode}() function DATA_PRESENT# All data for this file has been received. It's especially important in the case of Netscape or IE plugins when the data is being received while the decoding is done. ALL_DATA_PRESENT# Not only data for this file, but also for all included file has been received. INCL_FILES_CREATED# All INCL# and INCF# chunks have been processed and the corresponding DjVuFile::s created. This is important to know to be sure that the list returned by {get_included_files}() is OK. {itemize}

Definition at line 696 of file DjVuFile.h.

   return flags;

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