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GP< GBitmap > DjVuImage::get_bitmap ( const GRect rect,
const GRect all,
int  align = 1 
) const

Renders the mask of the foreground layer of the DjVu image. This functions is a wrapper for {JB2Image::get_bitmap}. Argument align# specified the alignment of the rows of the returned images. Setting align# to #4#, for instance, will adjust the bitmap border in order to make sure that each row of the returned image starts on a word (four byte) boundary. This function returns a null pointer if there is not enough information in the DjVu image to properly render the desired image.

Definition at line 1211 of file DjVuImage.cpp.

  return do_bitmap(*this, & DjVuImage::get_bitmap, rect, all, align);

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