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DjVuTXT::Zone Class Reference

#include <DjVuText.h>

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Detailed Description

Data structure representing document textual components. The text structure is represented by a hierarchy of rectangular zones.

Definition at line 124 of file DjVuText.h.

Public Member Functions

Zoneappend_child ()
void find_zones (GList< Zone * > &list, const int string_start, const int string_end) const
void get_smallest (GList< GRect > &list, const int padding) const
void get_smallest (GList< GRect > &list) const
void get_text_with_rect (const GRect &box, int &string_start, int &string_end) const
Files #"DjVuText.h"# and #"DjVuText.cpp"# implement the mechanism for text in DjVuImages.

This file implements annotations understood by the DjVu plugins and encoders.

using: contents of TXT*# chunks.

Contents of the FORM:TEXT# should be passed to {DjVuText::decode}() for parsing, which initializes {DjVuText::TXT} and fills them with decoded data. Implements support for DjVuImage hidden text.

Andrei Erofeev <eaf@geocities.com>
DjVuText.h,v 1.10 2003/11/07 22:08:21 leonb Exp

const Zoneget_parent (void) const
 Find out this Zone's parent.

Public Attributes

GList< Zonechildren
GRect rect
int text_length
int text_start
enum ZoneType ztype

Private Member Functions

void cleartext ()
void decode (const GP< ByteStream > &bs, int maxtext, const Zone *parent=0, const Zone *prev=0)
void encode (const GP< ByteStream > &bs, const Zone *parent=0, const Zone *prev=0) const
unsigned int memuse () const
void normtext (const char *instr, GUTF8String &outstr)

Private Attributes

const Zonezone_parent

Static Private Attributes

static const int version = 1


class DjVuTXT

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