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GP< ZPCodec > ZPCodec::create ( GP< ByteStream gbs,
const bool  encoding,
const bool  djvucompat = false 
) [static]

Constructs a ZP-Coder. If argument encoding# is zero, the ZP-Coder object will read code bits from the ByteStream bs# and return a message bit whenever function decoder# is called. If flag encoding# is set the ZP-Coder object will process the message bits provided by function encoder# and write code bits to ByteStream bs#. Optional flag djvucompat# selects a slightly less efficient adaptation table which is used by the DjVu project. This is required in order to ensure the bitstream compatibility. You should not use this flag unless you want to decode JB2, IW44 or BZZ encoded data.

Definition at line 714 of file ZPCodec.cpp.

Referenced by IWPixmap::Encode::encode_chunk(), and IWBitmap::Encode::encode_chunk().

  GP<ZPCodec> retval;
    retval=new ZPCodec::Encode(gbs,djvucompat);
    retval=new ZPCodec::Decode(gbs,djvucompat);
  return retval;

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