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void DjVmNav::encode ( const GP< ByteStream > &  stream  ) 

Encodes the directory into the specified stream.

Definition at line 203 of file DjVmNav.cpp.

References ByteStream::create(), and GUTF8String::format().

  //ByteStream &str=*gstr;
  GP<ByteStream> gpBSByteStream = BSByteStream::create(gstr, 1024);
  GCriticalSectionLock lock(&class_lock);
  int nbookmarks=bookmark_list.size();
  if (nbookmarks)
      GPosition pos;
      int cnt=0;
      for (pos = bookmark_list; pos; ++pos)
      if (nbookmarks != cnt)
          GUTF8String msg;
          msg.format("Corrupt bookmarks found during encode: %d of %d \n",
                     cnt, nbookmarks);
          G_THROW (msg);

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