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GP< ByteStream > DjVuFile::get_djvu_bytestream ( const bool  included_too,
const bool  no_ndir = true 

The main function that encodes data back into binary stream. The data returned will reflect possible changes made into the chunk structure, annotation chunks and navigation directory chunk NDIR#.

{ Note:} The file stream will not have the magic #0x41,0x54,0x26,0x54# at the beginning.

included_too Process included files too.

Definition at line 2364 of file DjVuFile.cpp.

References ByteStream::create(), and IFFByteStream::flush().

Referenced by get_djvu_data().

   DEBUG_MSG("DjVuFile::get_djvu_bytestream(): creating DjVu raw file\n");
   const GP<ByteStream> pbs(ByteStream::create());
   const GP<IFFByteStream> giff=IFFByteStream::create(pbs);
   IFFByteStream &iff=*giff;
   GMap<GURL, void *> map;
   add_djvu_data(iff, map, included_too, no_ndir);
   pbs->seek(0, SEEK_SET);
   return pbs;

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