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GPList< DjVuFile > DjVuFile::get_included_files ( bool  only_created = true  ) 

Returns the list of included DjVuFiles.

{ Warning.} Included files are normally created during decoding. Before that they do not exist. If you call this function at that time and set only_created# to FALSE# then it will have to read all the data from this file in order to find INCL# chunks, which may block your application, if not all data is available.

only_created If TRUE#, the file will not try to process INCL# chunks and load referenced files. It will return just those files, which have already been created during the decoding procedure.

Definition at line 313 of file DjVuFile.cpp.

References are_incl_files_created(), and process_incl_chunks().

  if (!only_created && !are_incl_files_created())
  GCriticalSectionLock lock(&inc_files_lock);
  GPList<DjVuFile> list=inc_files_list;   // Get a copy when locked
  return list;

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