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bool DjVuFile::inherits ( const GUTF8String class_name  )  const [inline, virtual]

Should return 1 if the called class inherits class class_name#. When a destination receives a request, it can retrieve the pointer to the source DjVuPort#. This virtual function should be able to help to identify the source of the request. For example, {DjVuFile} is also derived from DjVuPort#. In order for the receiver to recognize the sender, the {DjVuFile} should override this function to return TRUE# when the class_name# is either DjVuPort# or DjVuFile#

Reimplemented from DjVuPort.

Definition at line 798 of file DjVuFile.h.

References DjVuPort::inherits().

      (GUTF8String("DjVuFile") == class_name) ||
//      !strcmp("DjVuFile", class_name) ||
//      DjVuPort::inherits(class_name);

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