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GP< ByteStream > DjVuFile::get_merged_anno ( int *  max_level_ptr = 0  ) 

Processes the included files hierarchy and returns merged annotations. This function may be used even when the DjVuFile# has not been decoded yet. If all data has been received for this DjVuFile# and all included DjVuFile::s, it will will gather annotations from them and will return the result. If no annotations have been found, ZERO# will be returned. If either this DjVuFile# or any of the included files do not have all the data, the function will use the results of decoding, which may have been started with the {start_decode}() function. Otherwise ZERO# will be returned as well.

If max_level_ptr# pointer is not zero, the function will use it to store the maximum level number from which annotations have been obtained. ZERO# level corresponds to the top-level page file.

{ Summary:} This function will return complete annotations only when the {is_all_data_present}() returns TRUE#.

Definition at line 1685 of file DjVuFile.cpp.

Referenced by get_merged_anno().

  GList<GURL> ignore_list;
  return get_merged_anno(ignore_list, max_level_ptr);

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