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GException Class Reference

#include <GException.h>

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Detailed Description

Exception class. The library always uses macros G_TRY#, G_THROW#, G_CATCH# and G_ENDCATCH# for throwing and catching exceptions (see {GException.h}). These macros only deal with exceptions of type GException#.

Definition at line 165 of file GException.h.

Public Types


Public Member Functions

int cmp_cause (const char s2[]) const
const char * get_cause (void) const
const char * get_file (void) const
const char * get_function (void) const
int get_line (void) const
source_type get_source (void) const
 GException ()
 GException (const GException &exc)
 GException (const char *cause, const char *file=0, int line=0, const char *func=0, const source_type source=GINTERNAL)
GExceptionoperator= (const GException &exc)
void perror (void) const
virtual ~GException (void)

Static Public Member Functions

static int cmp_cause (const char s1[], const char s2[])

Static Public Attributes

static const char *const outofmemory = ERR_MSG("GException.outofmemory")

Private Attributes

const char * cause
const char * file
const char * func
int line
source_type source

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