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GP< DataPool > DjVuSimplePort::request_data ( const DjVuPort source,
const GURL url 
) [virtual]

If url# is local, it created a {DataPool}, connects it to the file with the given name and returns. Otherwise returns #0#.

Reimplemented from DjVuPort.

Reimplemented in DjVuErrorList.

Definition at line 650 of file DjVuPort.cpp.

References DataPool::create(), and GURL::is_local_file_url().

  G_TRY {
    if (url.is_local_file_url())
//      GUTF8String fname=GOS::url_to_filename(url);
//      if (GOS::basename(fname)=="-") fname="-";
      return DataPool::create(url);
  return 0;

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