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void IWPixmap::Encode::encode_iff ( IFFByteStream iff,
int  nchunks,
const IWEncoderParms parms 
) [virtual]

Writes a color image into a DjVu IW44 file. This function creates a composite chunk (identifier FORM:PM44#) composed of nchunks# chunks (identifier PM44#). Data for each chunk is generated with encode_chunk# using the corresponding parameters in array parms#.

Definition at line 1650 of file IW44EncodeCodec.cpp.

References IFFByteStream::close_chunk(), close_codec(), encode_chunk(), IFFByteStream::get_bytestream(), and IFFByteStream::put_chunk().

  if (ycodec_enc)
    G_THROW( ERR_MSG("IW44Image.left_open3") );
  int flag = 1;
  iff.put_chunk("FORM:PM44", 1);
  DJVU_PROGRESS_TASK(iff,"encode pixmap chunk", nchunks);
  for (int i=0; flag && i<nchunks; i++)
      flag = encode_chunk(iff.get_bytestream(), parms[i]);

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