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void IFFByteStream::short_id ( GUTF8String chkid  ) 

Returns the current chunk identifier of the current chunk. String chkid# is overwritten with the {extended chunk identifier} of the current chunk. The extended chunk identifier of a regular chunk is simply the chunk identifier, as in #"PM44"#. The extended chunk identifier of a composite chunk is the concatenation of the chunk identifier, of a semicolon #":"#, and of the secondary chunk identifier, as in #"FORM:DJVU"#.

Definition at line 441 of file IFFByteStream.cpp.

Referenced by full_id().

  if (!ctx)
    G_THROW( ERR_MSG("IFFByteStream.no_chunk_id") );
  if (ctx->bComposite)
    chkid = GUTF8String(ctx->idOne, 4) + ":" + GUTF8String(ctx->idTwo, 4);
    chkid = GUTF8String(ctx->idOne, 4);

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