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void IFFByteStream::full_id ( GUTF8String chkid  ) 

Returns the qualified chunk identifier of the current chunk. String chkid# is overwritten with the {qualified chunk identifier} of the current chunk. The qualified chunk identifier of a composite chunk is equal to the extended chunk identifier. The qualified chunk identifier of a regular chunk is composed by concatenating the secondary chunk identifier of the closest #"FORM"# or #"PROP"# composite chunk containing the current chunk, a dot #"."#, and the current chunk identifier, as in #"DJVU.INFO"#. According to the EA IFF 85 identifier scoping rules, the qualified chunk identifier uniquely defines how the chunk data should be interpreted.

Definition at line 456 of file IFFByteStream.cpp.

References short_id().

  if (ctx->bComposite)
  // Search parent FORM or PROP chunk.
  for (IFFContext *ct = ctx->next; ct; ct=ct->next)
    if (memcmp(ct->idOne, "FOR", 3)==0 || 
        memcmp(ct->idOne, "PRO", 3)==0  )
        chkid = GUTF8String(ct->idTwo, 4) + "." + chkid;

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