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GPBase Class Reference

#include <GSmartPointer.h>

Inheritance diagram for GPBase:

GP< TYPE > GP< GStringRep > GBaseString GNativeString GUTF8String

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Detailed Description

Base class for all smart-pointers. This class implements common mechanisms for all smart-pointers (see {GP}). There should be no need to use this class directly. Its sole purpose consists in reducing the template expansion overhead.

Definition at line 151 of file GSmartPointer.h.

Public Member Functions

GPBaseassign (GPEnabled *nptr)
GPBaseassign (const GPBase &sptr)
GPEnabledget () const
 GPBase (GPEnabled *nptr)
 GPBase (const GPBase &sptr)
 GPBase ()
GPBaseoperator= (const GPBase &obj)
int operator== (const GPBase &g2) const
 ~GPBase ()

Protected Attributes


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