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DjVuTXT Class Reference

#include <DjVuText.h>

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Detailed Description

Description of the text contained in a DjVu page. This class contains the textual data for the page. It describes the text as a hierarchy of zones corresponding to page, column, region, paragraph, lines, words, etc... The piece of text associated with each zone is represented by an offset and a length describing a segment of a global UTF8 encoded string.

Definition at line 111 of file DjVuText.h.

Public Types

enum  ZoneType {
  PAGE = 1, COLUMN = 2, REGION = 3, PARAGRAPH = 4,
  LINE = 5, WORD = 6, CHARACTER = 7

Public Member Functions

GP< DjVuTXTcopy (void) const
void decode (const GP< ByteStream > &bs)
void encode (const GP< ByteStream > &bs) const
GList< Zone * > find_text_in_rect (GRect target_rect, GUTF8String &text) const
GList< GRectfind_text_with_rect (const GRect &box, GUTF8String &text, const int padding=0) const
int get_count (void) const
unsigned int get_memory_usage () const
GUTF8String get_xmlText (const int height) const
 Get XML formatted text.
void get_zones (int zone_type, const Zone *parent, GList< Zone * > &zone_list) const
int has_valid_zones () const
void normalize_text ()
void writeText (ByteStream &bs, const int height) const
 Write XML formated text.

Static Public Member Functions

static GP< DjVuTXTcreate (void)
 Default creator.

Public Attributes

Zone page_zone
GUTF8String textUTF8

Static Public Attributes

static const char end_of_column = 013
static const char end_of_line = 012
static const char end_of_paragraph = 037
static const char end_of_region = 035

Protected Attributes

volatile int count
 The reference counter.


class  Zone

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