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size_t ByteStream::writestring ( const GUTF8String s  )  [inherited]

Writes the string as is, to the specified stream.

Definition at line 446 of file ByteStream.cpp.

References GBaseString::getUTF82Native(), GBaseString::length(), and ByteStream::writall().

Referenced by DjVmDir0::encode(), DjVmDir::encode(), ByteStream::format(), DjVuDocument::writeDjVuXML(), DjVuAnno::writeMap(), DjVuANT::writeMap(), ByteStream::writemessage(), DjVuInfo::writeParam(), DjVuAnno::writeParam(), DjVuANT::writeParam(), DjVuTXT::writeText(), and DjVuImage::writeXML().

  int retval;
  if(cp != NATIVE)
    retval=writall((const char *)s,s.length());
    if(cp == AUTO)
      cp=UTF8; // Avoid mixing string types.
    const GNativeString msg(s.getUTF82Native());
    retval=writall((const char *)msg,msg.length());
  return retval;

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