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void GIFFManager::load_chunk ( IFFByteStream istr,
GP< GIFFChunk chunk 

Loads the composite {chunk}'s contents from stream {istr}.

Definition at line 591 of file GIFFManager.cpp.

References IFFByteStream::check_id(), IFFByteStream::close_chunk(), create(), IFFByteStream::get_chunk(), and ArrayBase::size().

Referenced by load_file().

  DEBUG_MSG("GIFFManager::load_chunk(): loading contents of chunk '" <<
    chunk->get_name() << "'\n");
  int chunk_size;
  GUTF8String chunk_id;
  while ((chunk_size=istr.get_chunk(chunk_id)))
    if (istr.check_id(chunk_id))
      GP<GIFFChunk> ch=GIFFChunk::create(chunk_id);
      load_chunk(istr, ch);
    } else
      TArray<char> data(chunk_size-1);
      istr.get_bytestream()->readall( (char*)data, data.size());
      GP<GIFFChunk> ch=GIFFChunk::create(chunk_id, data);

Here is the call graph for this function:

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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