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GPList< TYPE > Class Template Reference

#include <GContainer.h>

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Public Member Functions

void append (const GP< TYPE > &elt)
GPosition contains (const GP< TYPE > &elt) const
void del (GPosition &pos)
void empty ()
void first (GPosition &pos) const
GPosition firstpos () const
 GPList ()
void insert_after (GPosition pos, const GP< TYPE > &elt)
void insert_before (GPosition pos, const GP< TYPE > &elt)
void insert_before (GPosition pos, GListTemplate< GP< TYPE >, GPBase > &fromlist, GPosition &frompos)
bool isempty () const
void last (GPosition &pos) const
GPosition lastpos () const
const GP< TYPE > * next (GPosition &pos) const
GP< TYPE > * next (GPosition &pos)
GPosition nth (unsigned int n) const
int nth (unsigned int n, GPosition &pos) const
 operator GPosition () const
GPListoperator= (const GPList &r)
int operator== (const GListTemplate< GP< TYPE >, GPBase > &l2) const
GP< TYPE > & operator[] (GPosition pos)
const GP< TYPE > & operator[] (GPosition pos) const
void prepend (const GP< TYPE > &elt)
const GP< TYPE > * prev (GPosition &pos) const
GP< TYPE > * prev (GPosition &pos)
int search (const GP< TYPE > &elt, GPosition &pos) const
int size () const

Protected Types

typedef GCONT ListNode< GPBaseLNode

Protected Member Functions

void append (Node *n)
void insert_after (GPosition pos, Node *n)
void insert_before (GPosition pos, GListBase &fromlist, GPosition &frompos)
void insert_before (GPosition pos, Node *n)
int operator== (const GListImpl< GPBase > &l2) const
void prepend (Node *n)
int search (const GPBase &elt, GPosition &pos) const

Static Protected Member Functions

static Nodenewnode (const GPBase &elt)

Protected Attributes

Node head
int nelem
const Traitstraits

Detailed Description

template<class TYPE>
class GPList< TYPE >

Doubly linked lists for smart pointers. Template class GList<TYPE># implements a doubly linked list of elements of type GP<TYPE># (see {GSmartPointer.h}). Significantly smaller code sizes can be achieved by using this class instead of the more general GArray<GP<TYPE>>#. This class only implement constructors. See class {GListTemplate} and {GPosition} for a description of all access methods.

Definition at line 1032 of file GContainer.h.

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