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DjVuToPS::Options Class Reference

#include <DjVuToPS.h>

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Detailed Description

DjVuToPS options. Use this class to customize the way in which DjVu to PS conversion will be done. You can adjust the following things: {description} [Format] ({EPS} or {PS}). Use the {EPS} format if you plan to embed the output image into another document. Print {PS} otherwise. [Language level] ({1} or {2}). Any PostScript printer or interpreter should understand PostScript Level 1 files. Unfortunately we cannot efficiently compress and encode data when generating Level 1 files. PostScript Level 2 allows to employ an RLE compression and ASCII85 encoding scheme, which makes output files significantly smaller. Most of the printers and word processors nowadays support PostScript Level 2. [Orientation] ({PORTRAIT} or {LANDSCAPE}) [Zoom factor] ({FIT_PAGE} or {ONE_TO_ONE}). {ONE_TO_ONE} mode is useful, if you want the output to be of the same size as the original image (before compression). This requires that the dpi# setting inside the {DjVuImage} is correct. In most of the cases the {FIT_PAGE} zoom is would be your best choice. [Mode] ({COLOR}, {FORE}, {BACK}, or {BW}) Specifies how the {DjVuImage}s will be rendered (all layers, foreground layer, background layer, and the mask respectively) [Color] ({TRUE} or {FALSE}). Choosing {FALSE} converts color images to gray scale. [Gamma] Printer color correction. This parameter ranges from #0.3# to #5.0#. [sRGB] ({TRUE} or {FALSE}). Choosing {TRUE} enables accurate sRGB color calibration. This option only works with language level 2. When this is set, gamma correction is clamped to #2.2#. [Number of copies] Specifies how many copies should be printed. This does { not} affect the size of the output file. {description}

Definition at line 139 of file DjVuToPS.h.

Public Types

enum  BookletMode { OFF, RECTO, VERSO, RECTOVERSO }
enum  Format { PS, EPS }
enum  Mode { COLOR, FORE, BACK, BW }
enum  Orientation { PORTRAIT, LANDSCAPE, AUTO }

Public Member Functions

int get_bookletalign (void)
int get_bookletfold (int n=0)
int get_bookletmax (void)
BookletMode get_bookletmode (void) const
bool get_color (void) const
int get_copies (void) const
bool get_cropmarks (void) const
Format get_format (void) const
bool get_frame (void) const
double get_gamma (void) const
int get_level (void) const
Mode get_mode (void) const
Orientation get_orientation (void) const
bool get_sRGB (void) const
bool get_text (void) const
int get_zoom (void) const
void set_bookletalign (int m)
void set_bookletfold (int fold, int xfold=0)
void set_bookletmax (int m)
void set_bookletmode (BookletMode m)
void set_color (bool color)
void set_copies (int copies)
void set_cropmarks (bool on)
void set_format (Format format)
void set_frame (bool on)
void set_gamma (double gamma)
void set_level (int level)
void set_mode (Mode mode)
void set_orientation (Orientation orientation)
void set_sRGB (bool calibrate)
void set_text (bool on)
void set_zoom (int zoom)

Private Attributes

int bookletalign
int bookletfold
int bookletmax
BookletMode bookletmode
int bookletxfold
bool calibrate
bool color
int copies
bool cropmarks
Format format
bool frame
double gamma
int level
Mode mode
Orientation orientation
bool text
int zoom

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