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GPArray< TYPE > Class Template Reference

#include <GContainer.h>

Inheritance diagram for GPArray< TYPE >:

GArrayTemplate< GP< TYPE > >

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Detailed Description

template<class TYPE>
class GPArray< TYPE >

Dynamic array for smart pointers. Template class GPArray<TYPE># implements an array of elements of type GP<TYPE># (see {GSmartPointer.h}). Significantly smaller code sizes can be achieved by using this class instead of the more general GArray<GP<TYPE>>#. This class only implement constructors. See class {GArrayTemplate} for a description of all access methods.

Definition at line 678 of file GContainer.h.

Public Member Functions

void del (int n, int howmany=1)
void empty ()
 GPArray (int lo, int hi)
 GPArray (int hi)
int hbound () const
void ins (int n, const GP< TYPE > &val, int howmany=1)
void ins (int n, int howmany=1)
int lbound () const
 operator const GP< TYPE > * () const
 operator GP< TYPE > * ()
GPArrayoperator= (const GPArray &r)
const GP< TYPE > & operator[] (int n) const
GP< TYPE > & operator[] (int const n)
void resize (int lobound, int hibound)
void resize (int hibound)
void shift (int disp)
int size () const
void sort (int lo, int hi)
void sort ()
void steal (GArrayTemplate &ga)
void touch (int n)

Protected Member Functions

void ins (int n, const void *src, int howmany=1)
void steal (GArrayBase &ga)

Protected Attributes

void * data
int hibound
int lobound
int maxhi
int minlo
const Traits & traits

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