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IWBitmap::Encode Class Reference

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Detailed Description

IW44 encoded gray-level image. This class provided functions for managing a gray level image represented as a collection of IW44 wavelet coefficients. The coefficients are stored in a memory efficient data structure. Member function {get_bitmap} renders an arbitrary segment of the image into a {GBitmap}. Member functions {decode_iff} and {encode_iff} read and write DjVu IW44 files (see {IW44Image.h}). Both the copy constructor and the copy operator are declared as private members. It is therefore not possible to make multiple copies of instances of this class.

Definition at line 153 of file IW44EncodeCodec.cpp.

Public Member Functions

virtual void close_codec (void)
 Encode (void)
virtual int encode_chunk (GP< ByteStream > gbs, const IWEncoderParms &parms)
virtual void encode_iff (IFFByteStream &iff, int nchunks, const IWEncoderParms *parms)
void init (const GBitmap &bm, const GP< GBitmap > mask=0)
virtual ~Encode (void)

Protected Attributes

Codec::Encode * ycodec_enc

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