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int ByteStream::size ( void   ) const [inline, virtual, inherited]

Returns the total number of bytes contained in the buffer, file, etc. Valid offsets for function seek# range from 0 to the value returned by this function.

Reimplemented in ByteStream::Memory, and ByteStream::Static.

Definition at line 355 of file ByteStream.h.

References ByteStream::seek(), and ByteStream::tell().

Referenced by DjVuANT::encode_raw(), BSByteStream::Decode::flush(), DjVuImage::get_anno(), DjVuImage::get_meta(), DjVuImage::get_text(), ParsingByteStream::read(), BufferByteStream::read(), PoolByteStream::read(), and BSByteStream::Decode::read().

  ByteStream *bs=const_cast<ByteStream *>(this);
  int bsize=(-1);
  long pos=tell();
  return bsize;

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