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bool GIFFChunk::check_name ( GUTF8String  name )

Parses the {name} probably containing colon and compares it with its own name returning TRUE if they are the same

Definition at line 125 of file GIFFManager.cpp.

References GBaseString::length(), GBaseString::search(), and GUTF8String::substr().

  GUTF8String type;
  const int colon=name.search(':');
      name=name.substr(colon+1,(unsigned int)-1);

  const GUTF8String sname=(name.substr(0,4)+"    ").substr(0,4);

  DEBUG_MSG("GIFFChunk::check_name(): type='" << type << "' name='" << sname << "'\n");
  return (type==GIFFChunk::type || (!type.length() && GIFFChunk::type=="FORM"))
    && sname==GIFFChunk::name;

Here is the call graph for this function:

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