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GUTF8String GUTF8String::substr ( int  from,
int  len 
) const

Returns a sub-string. The sub-string is composed by copying len# characters starting at position from# in this string. The length of the resulting string may be smaller than len# if the specified range is too large.

Definition at line 2546 of file GString.cpp.

Referenced by GIFFManager::add_chunk(), GIFFChunk::check_name(), GIFFManager::del_chunk(), DjVuTXT::find_text_with_rect(), GIFFManager::get_chunk(), GIFFManager::get_chunks_number(), UnicodeByteStream::gets(), lt_XMLTags::init(), GURL::is_dir(), GURL::is_file(), GURL::is_local_path(), GIFFManager::load_file(), DjVuMessageLite::LookUp(), GURL::pathname(), DjVmDir::resolve_duplicates(), GIFFChunk::set_name(), DjVuFile::unlink_file(), and DjVmDoc::write().

{ return GUTF8String(*this, from, len); }

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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