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GMarginCache< TPixmap > Class Template Reference

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Public Member Functions

void addRect (const GRect &grect, const GP< TPixmap > &pix)
void allocate (void)
 Allocates internal pixmaps.
void clear (void)
 Erases contents of the internal pixmaps. Doesn't free them though.
void deallocate (void)
 Deallocates internal pixmaps. Frees memory.
void disable (void)
 Deallocates the internal pixmaps and clears the enabled# flag.
void enable (void)
 Allocates the internal pixmaps and sets the enabled# flag.
GP< TPixmap > getPixmap (GRect &grect, GRect &grect_cached)
bool isAllocated (void) const
 Returns TRUE# if the cache is allocates.
bool isEnabled (void) const
bool nextRectToCache (int maxpixels, GRect &grect)
void resize (int doc_width, int doc_height, int win_width, int win_height)
void setMaxSize (u_long _max_size)
 Sets total maximum size of the pixmap to cache.

Private Member Functions

bool isSizeOK (void) const

Private Attributes

GP< TPixmap > bottom_pix
GRect bottom_rect
int doc_height
int doc_width
bool enabled
GRect inner_rect
GP< TPixmap > left_pix
GRect left_rect
u_long max_size
GRect outer_rect
GP< TPixmap > right_pix
GRect right_rect
GP< TPixmap > top_pix
GRect top_rect
int win_height
int win_width

Detailed Description

template<class TPixmap>
class GMarginCache< TPixmap >

Definition at line 78 of file GMarginCache.h.

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