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GPEnabled Class Reference

#include <GSmartPointer.h>

Inherited by ByteStream, CINData::Item, Comments::LnkMark, Comments::TxtMark, DataPool, DataPool::OpenFiles, DataPool::OpenFiles_File, DataPool::Reader, DataPool::Trigger, ddjvu_context_s, ddjvu_message_p, ddjvu_thumbnail_p, DjVmDir, DjVmDir0, DjVmDir0::FileRec, DjVmDoc, DjVmNav, DjVuAnno, DjVuANT, DjVuDocEditor::File, DjVuDocument::ThumbReq, DjVuDocument::UnnamedFile, DjVuFileCache, DjVuFileCache::Item, DjVuInfo, DjVuMessageLite, DjVuNavDir, DjVuPalette, DjVuPort, DjVuText, DjVuTXT, DjVuViewer, DXImage, GBitmap, GBitmap::ZeroBuffer, GIFFChunk, GIFFManager, GLObject, GMapArea, GPixmap, GPQCursor::GQCursor, GScaler, GStringRep, HilitedRect, IW44Image, JB2Dict, lt_XMLParser, lt_XMLTags, MapArea, MapPiece, MMRDecoder, MMRDecoder::VLSource, MMRDecoder::VLTable, QDBase, QDPane, QDThumbnails::Pending, QePainter::PatchRect, QXImager::PatchRect, and ZPCodec.

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Public Member Functions

int get_count (void) const
 GPEnabled (const GPEnabled &obj)
 Copy construcotr.
 GPEnabled ()
 Null constructor.
GPEnabledoperator= (const GPEnabled &obj)
 Copy operator.
virtual ~GPEnabled ()
 Virtual destructor.

Protected Attributes

volatile int count
 The reference counter.

Private Member Functions

void destroy ()
void ref ()
void unref ()


class GPBase

Detailed Description

Base class for reference counted objects. This is the base class for all reference counted objects. Any instance of a subclass of GPEnabled# can be used with smart-pointers (see {GP}).

Definition at line 114 of file GSmartPointer.h.

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