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QDPrintDialog Class Reference

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Public Types



void sigDone (void)

Public Member Functions

void printToFile (int file)
 QDPrintDialog (const GP< DjVuDocument > &doc, const GP< DjVuImage > &cur_dimg, DjVuPrefs *prefs, int displ_mode, int cur_zoom, const GRect &prn_rect, QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0, bool modal=FALSE)
void setBookletMode (int mode, int sign=0)
void setBookletParm (int align=0, int fold=18, int xfold=200)
void setColorMode (bool color)
void setCommand (const QString &cmd)
void setCurZoom (int zoom)
void setFileName (const QString &name)
void setPortrait (bool portrait, bool autoorient)
void setPrint (What what)
void setPSFormat (bool ps)
void setPSLevel (int level)
void setZoom (int zoom)
QWidget * startWidget ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void makeTransient (QWidget *w, QWidget *fw)

Protected Slots

virtual void done (int)

Private Slots

void slotBookChanged (void)
void slotBrowse (void)
void slotDstChanged (void)
void slotFormatChanged (void)
void slotHelp (void)
void slotWhatChanged (const QString &text)
void slotZoomChanged (const QString &text)

Private Member Functions

void adjustWhat (void)
void setAlmostDisabled (bool disabled)
void setSensitivity (void)

Static Private Member Functions

static const QString id2str (int id)
static void info_cb (int page_num, int page_cnt, int tot_pages, DjVuToPS::Stage stage, void *cl_data)
static void progress_cb (double done, void *cl_data)
static void refresh_cb (void *cl_data)
static int str2id (const QString &)

Private Attributes

class QRadioButton * autoorient_butt
class QWidget * bk_advanced
class QSpinBox * bk_align_spin
class QSpinBox * bk_fold_spin
class QSpinBox * bk_max_spin
class QCheckBox * bk_mode_butt
class QComboBox * bk_mode_menu
class QWidget * bk_normal
class QSpinBox * bk_xfold_spin
class QPushButton * cancel_butt
class QButtonGroup * color_bg
class QRadioButton * color_butt
class QSpinBox * copies_spin
class QCheckBox * cropmark_chk
int cur_page_num
int cur_zoom
class QLabel * custompages_label
class QLineEdit * custompages_text
GP< DjVuImagedimg
int displ_mode
GP< DjVuDocumentdoc
class QWidgetStack * dst_widget
class QRadioButton * eps_butt
class QRadioButton * file_butt
class QLineEdit * file_text
class QWidget * file_widget
class QButtonGroup * format_bg
class QRadioButton * grey_butt
bool interrupt_printing
class QRadioButton * landscape_butt
class QRadioButton * level1_butt
class QRadioButton * level2_butt
class QRadioButton * level3_butt
class QButtonGroup * orient_bg
class QRadioButton * portrait_butt
GRect print_rect
class QRadioButton * printer_butt
class QLineEdit * printer_text
class QWidget * printer_widget
bool printing
class QWidgetStack * prog_widget
class QProgressBar * progress
double progress_high
double progress_low
class QRadioButton * ps_butt
class QCheckBox * rectmark_chk
class QCheckBox * save_butt
class QButtonGroup * scale_bg
class QButtonGroup * what_bg
class QComboBox * what_menu
class QComboBox * zoom_menu
class QSpinBox * zoom_spin

Detailed Description

Definition at line 81 of file qd_print_dialog.h.

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